Extreme Synthetic Grass is a recyclable product and is safe for children and pets, that can be used for:

  • Balconies and Rooftops

  • Commercial

  • Dog Kennels

  • Golf Greens

  • Indoor Play Grounds and Sport Centers

  • Municipal

  • Residential

Extreme Synthetic Grass

Extreme Synthetic Grass is the next generation of synthetic grass for your home or business Extreme Synthetic Grass wants you to value your personal time and has many good reasons why it should be a part of your landscaping. Not only being ecological, but also has the following benefits:

Increases Property Value

  • Life Span (15 - 20 years)

  • No Fertilizing

  • No More Weeds

  • No Mowing

  • No Seeding

  • No Watering

  • ​Stays Green with the Seasons

Extreme Synthetic Grass

"Enjoy Your Life Outdoors"